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A Place in the Sun – JJ Style!
Hi Gang, I know I said I would get to this after this weeks show, but stuff happens, as they say! So better late than never? Put the kettle on, and start [...]
“I had to say it?” in the words of Millie Jackson!
  Hi Gang, This isn’t part of this week’s blog and to be honest I was told not to write some of this, as it may offend current and future [...]
Who Said ‘Love don’t come easy?’ Not Me!
Hi Gang, It’s been a busy last 7 day’s, so I have to give you the lowdown on what we have been up to, in the Williams household! Well we drove [...]
On the road again! – North Lancs Soul Festival 2017
Hi Gang, It’s almost time to saddle up and get ready for the weekend! And what a weekend? Bucket & Spade at the ready, and a trunk full of tunes! [...]
It’s Strong & Stable – North Lancs Soul Festival is nearly here!
Hi Gang, It’s that time of year, where we in the UK get ready for the festival season! No! Not Chrimbo? But the mud and rain of Glastonbury.  My [...]
Ticket Giveaway!!
Hi Gang, I know it’s been a while since we last spoke, and after our return from Tenerife, we needed to relax, and undergo a Easter Bank Holiday, and [...]
The Wanderer returns? Again!
Hi Gang, It’s been a while, and my plan was to write a blog while I was away, and as you can see… That didn’t happen! Stick the kettle on [...]
Back on the road again…
Hi Gang, I hope by now you have settled in to the new website? If you haven’t had a chance to take visit to our new website site? Take a moment to [...]
Spring Cleaning the Bunker!!
I know it’s been a few day’s since our last catch up, and unlike in the past? Depending, on your route to this page? I won’t need to add [...]
Let’s Catch up? It’s been a while!
It’s been a while, so I thought it was time for a bit of a well overdue catch up? So kettle on and press play, and we will get started! Firstly, I [...]
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