Back on the road again…

21/03/2017 - DJ's, JJ's Boogie Bunker 'The Blog', MUSIC
Back on the road again…

Hi Gang,

I hope by now you have settled in to the new website? If you haven’t had a chance to take visit to our new website site? Take a moment to take a look… You know you want too!

Well, I am a few days from returning back to Tenerife for the second time this year.  And I am looking forward to this trip for a couple of reasons! First I am going to be doing something really different on this trip! I shall say no more on that, for now? I will update you from Tenerife, and of course you can bookmark the website! Or you can now join our newsletter, if you sign up on the website! It’s free, and will only take a few minutes.

We will also be confirming the venues for FITS 2018, and the wristbands for the event in January will go on sale from Mid-April.  Accommodation details are available via the website! However these will sell out! And with reasonable package deals available, your wristband purchase will not only guarantee you entry, but some extras, which we will also announce over the coming weeks, so keep updated!



On our trip to Tenerife we will be broadcasting the Link-Up show LIVE from Tenerife!  So if you are an owner of a Bar, Cafe, Club, or Hotel, and you would like us to come and Broadcast the World Famous Link-Up Show, Hosted by yours truly… JJ Williams. On Thursday 30th March 2017 1-4pm(GMT) get in touch via the website, or email me: and we may be coming LIVE from your venue!  On Boogie Bunker Radio


On our return from Tenerife! We will be weeks away from the North Lancs Soul Festival in Morecambe, Lancs.  The tickets are selling fast, and why wouldn’t they? It’s a silly price for a weekender! £20.00 for 92 Hours, of across the board Soul Music! 42 DJ’s, Live Radio Broadcasts! It will never catch on? Well, It’s the 11th Year for this well attended festival! So they must be doing something right?  I made my debut at this festival last year, for the 10th anniversary, and would have paid to attend this year, had I not been invited!  I am not going to try to sell it to you! Here’s the info,


Moving on!

It has been a hectic start to the year, what with FITS, and other events which have over taken my days over the past few months. Most of this has been done, sometimes without too much direction, but I have a great team of people who work alongside me. Who share my thinking, and that’s not always a good thing! Our goal of bringing you what we think is the best in radio, is well on its way, and it is clear from both feedback, and from our listener figures we are heading in the right direction.  We have been fortunate to have been supported at this fledgling stage by some large brand names, and we shall continue to work alongside these partners, and hopefully more in the future, as part of the future growth of the Boogie Bunker Radio brand… I know I am sounding very corporate over a radio station, however, this is the world we inhabit, and if we are to continue to keep bringing you what you want! We have to understand that the station is as much a brand, as those who support us.

With this in mind, we shall continue to ensure that the Radio Station maintains it’s traditions and of course the standard of great music and LIVE events, from around the world!  We have built a website which will not only take us through the next 12 months, but into the future with further features to be added in due course, such as LIVE Event Streaming, Members Areas, and Much More! So sign up to the Website newsletter, and keep yourself up to date! Lot’s to come, and we promise not to send you any worthless spam!



I will still be covering my radio show’s while I am away! However, there will be NO Traxsource Chart until the second week of April! And there will be a special show in its place for those two weeks.

Some may have noticed that we have had some minor maintenance, done to the house? Please be assured, that the banging, and plaining, has not been the preparation of a coffin, and the wife is very much alive and well! And the minor renovations, have been part of the annual spring clean, and therefore no need to panic…

See you soon…. You know what to do?





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