Fun in the Sun – The Wanderer returns!

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Fun in the Sun – The Wanderer returns!

The hardest thing I have found, over the last two weeks? Has been to find a moment to reflect on all the happenings of the last fortnight! So allow me to bring you up to speed! Put the kettle on, and press play! This could take some time….

The night before flying to Tenerife for Fun in the Sun, I had to attend a family wedding! Yep, on a Thursday, apart from it being a school night!  I daren’t risk having one too many, the night before my flight, the fact that I had not finished my packing, just added more desperation to the whole situation.  Now, My father-in-law is a gem of a man, and well into his 70’s god bless him.  His memory isn’t what it used to be, and kept bring me drinks!  This I might add, is a man I would be prepared to kill for, how do you let him know? That as much as you love him, if I get legless, his daughter will divorce me, further, I had just watched him carry the last round across the dance floor, and rest assured it was one for Youtube! Let’s just say, the wife and I made it home in the small hours, packed the last of our kit!

5 mins after we had giggled about Sid’s walk across the dance floor, we got 2 hours sleep, before heading to Gatwick!






Yeah! Thats him! Now you have to bear in mind, I am responsible to getting one of our headline act’s to Tenerife! Mr Tom Glide, where are you?






Found Him! Tenerife here we come!

4 hours Later…

So the team had started to arrive on the Island of Tenerife, for the start of ‘Fun in the Sun’ 2017!  Now, I had a table booked at the Papagayo Beach Club, for a Team Dinner that night! Then i got the call!! Two of our DJ’s had no rooms? How was this possible? One being a headline DJ’s, the sweat was pouring! And I hadn’t got to the terminal as yet! Luck was on our side, as the issue was easily resolved, and an irate call to a travel agent, the party could begin! Tip for those involved? Book with us next time!

So to our apartment to relax, before dinner? Dip in our hot tub? No chance! This is the time everyone would like to tell me how good there accommodation is? I would like to thank, Pearly Grey, and CLC World! World! For providing us with discounted accommodation.  It was never a secret that we chose to use resorts, which offered fractional deals, and a meeting was part of the process, of gaining your luxury accommodation for the week.  The meetings were an issue of some concern, however we have chosen to continue our relationship with Pearly Grey, as the feedback was so positive, we were left with no option, but to continue this relationship! And yeah! i know how cool they are, and how happy you all were, with your apartments…  blah, blah, blah! So long story short! No hot tub!

Dinner with the Team!






No… not that one! Piggy Welton!

Now I am going to say this now… The Team at the Papagayo Beach Club, gave us five star service, and gave us VIP entry into the Disco! And we thank them for everything, but I was knackered by 1am, and a few were crawling home before that! But we ate, drank, and left very merry!

Now We played as part of Fun in the Sun, across 5 day’s and a total 8 Events, and managed to squeeze in some Live Radio Show’s, we did some interviews, with our headline Act’s Tom Glide & DFS (who we flew in from Israel).

I am going to leave others to tell you what it was like… But here are some of the highlight’s!


Yes! The week went in a great big blur… I laughed, I had moments of panic, and thankfully was spared any disasters! No one died, although Jackie Allsorts, didn’t look too well on day 4, but that was a bug, or a dodgy prawn, who knows? Everyone returned back to the UK safely!

And like the mad people we are! We intend to do it again in 2018, we have confirmed the week of 19th-26th January for the start of the events, however there will be 10/14 day options available, we are also adding discounted accommodation (terms & Conditions apply), we are also adding new venues, to next year’s event.  Full details of Fun in the Sun will be available shortly on the Boogie Bunker Radio Website (

Before I bring all the talk of Fun in the Sun, to an end.  I would like to thank my Station Manager: Pete Meadows, and his Wife, for all of their support during Fun in the Sun, and special thanks to John & Audrey Grummitt, and those at Pearly Grey, the team at the Hard Rock Cafe, and the Cube, Tenerife! We wish you all the best for the coming year.  To all the DJ’s, and Radio Presenters, you all did a stand up job, and produced shows, which broke all records for the station, so thank you, and Well done.

Finally, I want to thank my Wife Corinne.  Those of you that know me? Would know, that I am a very independent person, and little gets done unless you do it yourself, has been my way!  But I could not do half the things I do in my life, without the unwavering support of my wife.  She worries for me, cares for me, and sometimes frustrates me, but my love for her is equally unwavering, and I don’t always give her credit for all that she does for me.  But she is my world, and I don’t know what I would do without her in my life…


Special Link-up show on Thursday, we shall be taking a look back at Fun in the Sun, and we shall also be running some of the LIVE shows from Tenerife, in the afternoon on Boogie Bunker Radio, so you will get a chance to hear the action again, if you missed it.  So look out for further information of our website, and on social media.  Thursday from 1pm(UK/Tenerife) on


Have a great week! You know what to do?




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