“I had to say it?” in the words of Millie Jackson!

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“I had to say it?” in the words of Millie Jackson!


Hi Gang,

This isn’t part of this week’s blog and to be honest I was told not to write some of this, as it may offend current and future sponsors? And anyone that knows me will know that biting my tongue isn’t something I am used to doing! Even this morning, I told the wife how I felt, and what I would like to say and do? She said maybe now isn’t the time, and as much as I joke about burying her under the patio, I know she has a point. But much as I say that, I know she will have my back, regardless…

So here goes? We have an election in the next few days in the UK and many of my friends and colleagues have voiced various opinions about the current situation we face. Alongside this, we have had 3 terrorist attacks in as many months which have rocked not only our nation but the world! I have heard talk of many solutions. Some very drastic – and some are almost acts of terrorism in themselves! I will go as far as to say, some threatened to de-friend, as a punishment to those who thought otherwise! I am either going to get a couple of high fives for what I am about to say or I will see my readership rapidly decline but in the Word’s of Millie Jackson… I had to say it, and in the same vein as Ms Millie the language may also be a little bit on the strong side, so this is for those old enough to have a VOTE!

War on Terror!

We are neither blind nor stupid… of course it’s a war? Our Solution? Get back control of our borders in the minimum 2 years time. So how does that help right now? And will it help? Not really… The recent terrorist acts were caused by UK Residents, so border control doesn’t help in any way! Deport suspects? They are British? Deport them where? Barking? So let’s not make our borders the issue! and I know the borders weren’t just about terrorists but also our European friends coming and stealing away our jobs and using our NHS… Fair point, but since the triggering of Article 50, those numbers have dropped and Europeans are already starting to leave the UK in numbers… FACT!

Another fact: no EU citizen has flown in to commit an act of terrorism, and flown back out… So can we drop Border talk for now… More serious issues to deal with first? Just Saying…

Back to War on Terror… Apparently there is a list of all known Terror suspects in the UK? We have a list, and our Security Services watch them, wait until they almost ready to commit what they plan to do and they swoop in and gather intelligence? Apparently you get less information from a dead suspect…! Kind of makes sense? Fuck no!!!

Let’s say this list has 2,000 names on it? You and I both know we don’t have enough police to watch them 24 hours a day.. Our Current Prime Minister made sure of that when she was Home Secretary! But let’s say she didn’t make the cuts and we had those extra officers…? We still wouldn’t have enough to watch the 2,000, 24/7. Can’t be done! Now hear what I am about to say carefully!!

We are at war? We all agree about that? So when in war we have what is called ‘internment’! For those of you who don’t know what that means, I shall try to explain and if that fails Google it! When we were at war in Europe we confined many Germans and Nazi sympathizers in prisons until the conflict was resolved. We have a list, and some if not most on this list have been placed there due to suspicions from within their own community and from fellow Muslims. We want to be politically correct , and not even hear any of this, but we have a list. And we have lots of closed prisons, waiting to be turned into trendy restaurants rather than hold prisoners. I am not advocating Guantanamo Bay. No one needs torturing or having the Beatles played to them 24 hours a day! But at least we know where these people are 24 hours a day!

And before anyone mentions rights and human rights, as I said, no one needs to be mistreated and we ARE talking national security! Surely with that… ALL BETS ARE OFF!!..

Now I see all you EDF, Nation Front Arseholes coming out of the woodwork saying did you hear what JJ said…? Yeah, I said it… But hear this… YOU should all be locked up in a separate prison and be confined too because it’s people like you, who give these people the space they need to thrive! YOU stir up hate and fear in places which communities lived side by side for many years. I am British to the core and am born of immigrant stock of which I am proud! I grew up in a Britain where immigrants and those with offspring lived side by side, day by day and soon skin colour was no longer an issue. We earned that trust and respect within our communities and you tried to change that way of life and you are equally guilty and should be interned along with the terrorists! In fact I take back my previous statement. Forget about separate prisons. You should each be made to share a cell with one of your terrorist counterparts – that may prove interesting!

This isn’t a solution, but I have checked, there is no law, EU or other preventing our government from doing just that. OK, a few countries may frown at us but the US has Donald! Who really cares!! But I would like to be able to go about my daily business, without having to look at the guy next to me and much as I am totally against stereotyping, being fearful for the safety of me and mine.. and anyone who hasn’t double checked themselves as I have when they have been making plans for this weekend is a liar….. Let that one sit for a minute!

The General Election

It’s either / or? Ms May, or Jezza… Until Blair, Labour always got my vote so let’s get that out of the way… But, I grew up with Thatcher… and wasn’t a miner or Member of a Trade Union – so life was good. I have not forgotten that Teresa May was Home Secretary and was in her time, not a great supporter of work in inner city communities and removed the ‘Bobby’ from the street and replaced them with community support officers, with no powers. But let’s be clear, she is NO Thatcher… And if in the last few weeks you haven’t seen how really stupid the woman is, then you haven’t read a newspaper, watched TV, or you have been on Mars! You have a massive lead in the polls, so it would be stupid to call an election..

Forget all the talk about not getting support from other parties or members. You’re the Prime Minister; you can almost do what you like? So after going to Wales, you have a change of heart… I thank the People of Wales!! Now you got away with murder as Home Secretary, as whoever wrote your speeches then, was shit hot… I believed it was for the best? Where is that guy now? Who the Fuck came up with ‘Strong and Stable’? Babe, you’re the least strong and stable leader we have had, since Jezza Thorpe got caught lodged up someone! Get a grip woman.

You don’t want to do debates on television, as you want to go and meet 200 on a high street or in a factory in Derby or somewhere, rather than go in front of the whole country and show us all how ‘Strong & Stable’ you really can be? But you didn’t! As for your policies – same ole same old! You’re more concerned in slagging of Jezza, than talking about how you’re going to put the smile back on peoples’ faces! Just one policy that the man on the street can say “Shit! you really thought about us”?

Now, I was never a Corbyn fan. I, like some, thought he was weak and I am an avid PMQ watcher and sometimes he really did come across as weak. I’m thinking can I, in good faith, vote for this guy? I know how key this vote is and all that is set to come with Brexit, etc. But the guy is a wimp… Then, I did some research, as I am still trying to find a reason to vote for this guy…

Tez (Ms May), started slagging him off! How he hung out with the IRA and got locked up (who hasn’t)? Trade Union Work etc… Which got me digging, and looking. Yes, he did hang out with the IRA and the other group’s to bring about what became Peace in Ireland. Trade union work… Unions in the 70’s had teeth and could shut down this country.. and they sat down at the table until the deal was thrashed out. He got locked up outside South Africa House for protesting for Nelson Mandela! I got nicked in Nelson Mandela House for running a Pirate Radio station! So we have something in common…. lol! Now, the only deal I have heard of Teresa May sorting out was at a Police Conference, and that nearly cost her her job! Who would you rather negotiate Brexit – a guy who has gone in the trenches with the likes of Scargill or Ms Strong and Stable? I will go further. Her ace in the hole – bringing immigration down…

We are over populated in some areas, that’s not in doubt. And our system is struggling to cope with hospitals and our whole social care system is in free fall! Take a listen to this (bear with me) every country in the world is in debt! So are most of the people in those countries! Our National debt (let’s be honest) we are never ever going to pay it back in anyone’s life time, well not unless the PM get’s 6 numbers and the bonus ball! So let’s borrow some? Everyone does it… and let’s pay for the stuff we need right now. Don’t tell me, each budget, how great we are at paying back our debt’s… Fuck it, borrow some more, our credit seems to be good… and go and get the nurses we need. Rebuild the NHS. Rebuild our schools. Stop telling us how much it will cost. We know it costs, but we need it now, not in 20 years. We are in the shit now, so let’s borrow some.

OK, our great great great grandchildren will pay for it, but hopefully they will have a job, live in a safe environment and feel safe in their homes which they hopefully will be able to afford! So LABOUR will borrow more. Who cares, if they deliver? I realised I didn’t like Corbyn, because he didn’t bark loud enough for me… But that’s not what you need to be a world leader. You need a little savvy and a great deal of common sense. And I know he stutters when people mention figures… but we all know he’s going to borrow and as I said, get it while our credit is still good, and fix the issues. Don’t be afraid to say we will borrow, as the man on the street is running in an out of pawn brokers like they are banks, so why should our country be any different?


I know a lot of you will think this has been a political broadcast on behalf of the Labour party… Wrong. Had you read carefully, you would have noted that some of my key points, NO Political party is likely to adopt! However’ I may have given a few fascist parties a few ideas that they may have been lacking. Dickheads! I am just saying Jezza is less of a fuckwit! and if he reads this, there is a compliment in there somewhere! My research has found he likes to fight for what he believes in and as Labour MP’s found out, he doesn’t bow down or take too much shit. I know he is never going to be ‘shouty guy’ but what’s wrong with an average bloke running the country, who lived where we lived, didn’t go to public school, didn’t get a Aston Martin for their 18th, who knows what a prison cell looks like (other than seeing it on an inspection when it’s for telly so, everyone looks well feed, and playing table tennis)?

But he won’t press the button if needed!!  Think about that for one second? Who the fuck would?

Whoever does press that button ends the world as we know it! Has anyone thought about that? Whoever we drop a bomb on, has an ally who will return a bomb on us. The world as we know it ends. You can’t just drop a nuclear bomb, and everyone swallow it… there’s going to be pay back. I fail to understand why people ask the question… WHO WOULD WANT TO BE THE PERSON TO FIRST STRIKE!!!! Or am I missing something…

Both Tez & Jezza are still both fuckwits… But what it really boils down to is,  who is less stupid?

Anyone undecided come Thursday… This is where I am, and if you’re still unsure… Ms May, for being Cocky and thinking that you would win a general election by a landslide, and have 5 years of taking the piss! That alone should be enough to add a few nails to that coffin of yours. But if it doesn’t, the fact that you failed to come and talk to the nation and debate with the other parties so that your vote was popular, let alone supported by the people, and not the polls – should be your undoing. Six weeks ago, my vote was worthless, and now my vote, and many undecided votes could see you and that hubby of yours homeless come Friday morning!!

Just saying…


These are my opinions… have your say… Leave your comments below…

I am open to debate, and this will be an open forum, no rudeness, I did that bit… Just have an opinion..


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