It’s Strong & Stable – North Lancs Soul Festival is nearly here!

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It’s Strong & Stable – North Lancs Soul Festival is nearly here!

Hi Gang,

It’s that time of year, where we in the UK get ready for the festival season! No! Not Chrimbo? But the mud and rain of Glastonbury.  My day’s of doing a tent set in the mud, are long gone! But I may fit in one more before retirement!  Meantime, my first festival of the year! Is an indoor affair.  The 11th North Lancs Soul Festival, in Morecambe, Lancashire held over the weekend of the 19-21st May 2017 at the Temple of Soul, Smokey O’Connor.

Last year was my debut at this event, and I am not going to lie, I had never heard of it? I took the gig, as another festival promoter had let me down, and I said I would do the first festival for free! which was handy for the event organisers, as all the DJ’s attend for free, and my fee would have wiped out any profit! The wife and I arrived on Friday for the welcome party and had the time of our lives, great people, and we crawled to our bed in the small hours.  Morecambe is a few miles from Blackpool, and in some ways is its poor cousin.  However, the people make up for the glamour of its neighbour, and with similar stunning views, and clean and sandy beaches like it’s counterpart, it was the ideal venue for the weekend.

I am aware that some changes have been made for this year, the festival was originally held at the Temple of Soul, however for various reasons the festival has previously been spaced across various venues, the overwhelming demand has seen the festival return to Smokey O’Connor, and across 3 rooms of across the board soul music. (full line up via website: )

This year there has been the addition of Radio to the festival!  Boogie Bunker Radio will be the official Broadcast Partner for this event, and there will be a host of LIVE Broadcast’s from the event, Both Presenters from the Station, and guests.  The whole weekend will be recorded for future broadcast, and the festival will release podcasts throughout 2017.  Tickets are still available for this great event, I have looked around and believe this is the cheapest Soul weekend event, with weekend wristbands available for £20, and now day passes are available.

Friday and Saturday night at the festival I will close the show with a live streamed Headline set! And there will be lot’s of surprises, throughout the weekend.  So don’t miss it, the wife and i had the time of our lives, last year! And would have gone this year, even if I wasn’t playing?  I am not trying to sell tickets? As I said DJ’s don’t get paid? It’s all indoors so you don’t have to worry about the weather, and B&B will cost you less than £100 so that’s our weekend sorted.



On my return from Morecambe, I will be off to New Jersey! Well Kind of? Some of you may remember my early day’s as a DJ, and a club called the ‘Bird’s Nest’? My warm up track was ‘My love don’t come easy’ The New Jersey Connection.  The guy’s are in town for some promotion work, and a showcase.  Eddie Saunders from the band, and I have been friends for some time, and I have been invited, to not only interview the guys, and broadcast some of the showcase, we are working on getting them in the Bunker for the Link-Up show on Thursday 25th May 2017 1-4pm(GMT).  So remember where you heard it first!!  We hope to get the whole gang from the showcase in the studio, play some tunes, and crack open the JD!  More details on the website at the weekend.

There’s More…

Herne Bay Crew… We are Back at the Divers Arms in Herne Bay on the 10th June 2017 8-late with DJ’s Tom Edgar, Tommy Boy, Pete Hayes, and from Boogie Bunker Radio, James JJ Williams, This Month my mate Lee Aitch is the guest, so check that one out, I am hoping to pop down myself, so come and say hi..

Welcome to Boogie Bunker Radio, Collective Souls.  A new weekly show from team of Andy Edit, Barrie Jay, Davos… For more information to the Collective, and the show! Visit the website

Finally, The Link-Up show returns to Tenerife on 29th June 2017 and we are working on bring you a special show from a unique location…. I will say no more than that! Except… don’t miss it!

A month with two bank holidays makes me start to feel really old, as I shun the gig for family time, but the wife does like a bit of a boogie, so one does have to make the effort! Thus confirming, the fact that she is still very much alive and kicking!  In fact the wife is in fine fettle, one of our daughters is moving into her first home, and she is able to shop for someone else, with their money… Which I find very acceptable, and the bank manager is very grateful, the only fault with that, you never want to be outdone by the kids, so I feel a few upgrades coming… Thanks Bianca… x


Well I got through this whole blog without further mention of ‘Strong & Stable’! See Teresa, it can be done? And what does that even mean? But if I hear it one more time!!!

Enjoy the rest of your week, and don’t forget to catch the show tomorrow! 1-4pm(GMT) Boogie Bunker Radio.







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