Let’s Catch up? It’s been a while!

28/02/2017 - DJ's, JJ's Boogie Bunker 'The Blog', MUSIC
Let’s Catch up? It’s been a while!

It’s been a while, so I thought it was time for a bit of a well overdue catch up? So kettle on and press play, and we will get started!

Firstly, I would like to reassure you that the wife is still very much alive, and we still happily married! Always nice to be able to say that… As I know there are some members of the family who keep coming round to check the patio! Rest assured I plan no building work in that area for the formidable!

When we last spoke we had just arrived back from Tenerife, and I shall be returning to the lovely Island of Tenerife at the end of March to finalise  the plans for ‘Fun in the Sun’ 2018! And do a couple of Radio shows, and I have been asked to do something a little different on this trip… More on that next week!  Meanwhile you can now book for FITS 2018, by going to the Boogie Bunker Radio Website, and wristbands will go on sale at the end of April.

Onward! Gig News!!

First up.. My Wife loves this gig, we are back at the Diver’s Arms, Herne Bay, Kent.  For Soul By the Sea! On Saturday 11th March 2017 8 till Late. Tom Edgar, Tommy Boy, Pete Hayes, and I will be guest with Boogie Bunker Radio, who are LIVE from 9pm(GMT) on So come down early, or join us on the Radio!

Then we will be back in Tenerife until the beginning of April, Then!!

I been really looking forward to this one… Firstly, Boogie Bunker Radio will Broadcast from the event, and last year was my first year at this festival, and I am so pleased to be back again this year, alongside some of the Boogie Bunker Team, and some of the finest DJ’s in the UK, and this year DFS is flying in from Israel for his first festival appearance! tickets are on sale now, and I am sure it will sell out! So be a part of it!

We also have tickets on sale for the Silky Soul Cruise, which will also be broadcast at a later date on Boogie Bunker Radio, so either look out for that, or get yourself a ticket, this events sells out every year, so don’t wait about!

While we are still on the topic of the Radio Station, you will of noticed that the station has been going through a bit of a face-lift! And this work will be ongoing, in the coming weeks.  We will also be bringing online our new website! We have taken a look at our website, and felt that not only did it need simplifying, it needed a facelift, and updating, and we shall be doing this alongside updating the information the station brings to you.  We hope that you enjoy the updates, and your feedback is always welcome!

Finally, I would Like to Welcome Soulful Soiree UK to Boogie Bunker Radio, Who join the Team on Sunday afternoons from 4-5pm(GMT).  Join Elle Cee, Kingpinn, MYDC, Leigh Howlett, and Rob Randell, making up the weekly rotation! if you missed it last week, don’t miss it this week!

I thought that I would have a few weeks off, after my return from FITS, and Tenerife! Far from it, I have never been so busy, and with the success of the station.  it has been a very hectic couple of weeks, and in truth, I wouldn’t of had it any other way! I can’t say the same for the wife, who feel’s that I have over done things, and I am sure she is right, and I will endeavour to have a very relaxing couple of days off, when I am away in a few weeks!

Finally, With the new website shortly coming online, we shall be moving this blog! I wouldn’t want to think that I will be stopping this blog, far from it.. It will be my weekly therapy for the next few years, and rest assured, I will be needing a forum to either rant, praise, or threaten slow, and painful death! So we will continue, and we will of course keep you updated on all the changes as they, as they come online, so keep checking for updates!

I hope you all have a good week, and that you days ahead are full of fun, and frolics! I will be back, with more updates soon.. And I will be back with a Mega Competition on Friday! So tune into this weeks Link-Up Show on Thursday 1-4pm(GMT) on Boogie Bunker Radio

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