Spring Cleaning the Bunker!!

10/03/2017 - DJ's, JJ's Boogie Bunker 'The Blog', MUSIC
Spring Cleaning the Bunker!!

I know it’s been a few day’s since our last catch up, and unlike in the past? Depending, on your route to this page? I won’t need to add a player!! As you can now get me, and this blog via our new website

While we are on the topic of Websites.. We now have a really fancy, all singing, all dancing website at Boogie Bunker Radio.  It has been something that we have been working on for some time, and as these things do! it all takes time to put together, and as I have worked at many stations over the years!  I can safely say it is one of the best… I know your going to say that I am bias, and too a degree I am? I make no bones about the fact.

The new website has been created by Mousehouse Promotions who have created a future proof site which will take us into 2017 on a firm footing.  Boogie Bunker Radio already bring you shows from LIVE events both in the UK & Worldwide, we will soon be able to LIVE stream those events via our website! And alongside improving the features previously on our website, we have added a dedicated Chat Room, where you can speak to the Presenters, and you cannot leave your requests for all our shows, and we even will send you out a newsletter, for information on the station, and much more… all for you! We have in-depth profiles on all the station presenters and guest’s.  You know what.. Go take a look!!


Apart from the website, the whole station has had a Spring clean. We have had the team at redesign our whole profile for social media, and update our graphics, and tie everything in to our new website.  I know lot’s of you have been looking forward to the new website, and rest assured we have made sure that it is not only easy to use, but will keep you occupied during the days broadcasting.  As I mentioned above we have made room on the website to add new features, and will be adding LIVE Video Streaming to the station, in time for ‘Fun in the Sun 2018’ So you will be a part of our events from your desktop!

Finally with regards the website, it was discussed whether to create an app? And for all those stations out there considering this? Don’t do it! Improve your sites by all means, this is showing respect to those that listen! And an up to date, and well managed site will always is always what people what to see, an app will split your listenership, and there are 1000’s of stations out there, you are just limiting your audience? By asking them to sign up to an app, and therefore we don’t see that as a vision for the future! What about our mobile users? We have chosen to build a website which is compatible with all mobile devices, and now you needn’t enter the site to tune in (although we would love you, to take a look inside).  There are 20,000 plus users of this blog, and although my own website will also be undergoing a make over shortly, the blog will now also be available via the Boogie Bunker Radio Website, on my profile page!  So why not log in and register for our newsletter and be kept up to date.

Moving On…

Forthcoming events can be found on the website, for myself, and the other station presenters.  This Saturday we return to The Divers Arms, Herne Bay, KENT.  For another LIVE Soul by the Sea, with Tom Edgar, Tommy Boy, and Alan Champ, We will be live on the radio from  9pm(GMT) 8pm-late Guest from Boogie Bunker Radio, James ‘JJ’ Williams. Looking forward to that one as always! See you there…


Some of you may of seen that I spent last week in Manchester? Filming for Television.  Boogie Bunker Radio, has been ask to take part in a project with US Artists Gina & John Carey, who will be hosting a weekly telecast from the USA, Worldwide.

We have worked with both Gina & John Carey over the years, and have been good friends of the station, and we have been happy to assist.  We would also like to thank everyone on the station for their assistance in this project, and you can see Pete Meadows, who will be hosting on behalf of Boogie Bunker Radio, and who recently appeared in a cameo role on her latest movie (We at the station, haven’t stopped hearing about it since – Editor)! So for further information on this show Monday Night @ Cambria, Starting on the 3rd April 2017.

Moving on again!

We are 2 weeks from returning to Tenerife, at which time we will finalise all the Venues for FITS 2018, bookings are currently available for accommodation for this event (See Website), there is also a discount code for your FITS Accommodation. Wristbands for this event will go on sale in Mid-April 2017.  We shall also be bringing our you full Line-Up information, over the next few weeks, in preparation for next January.  Also while I am in Tenerife I will be doing some more filming.. But I will tell you more about that, when we are in Tenerife!! So look out for that.

Finally… and yes! This is the end bit!

For those of you thinking? He hasn’t mentioned the wife? Rest assured she is alive and well, I am just about to pop down to the cellar, and feed her, and check the chains! Only Kidding… You will all see us on Saturday, the wife will be the one, dancing on the tables.. Can’t take her anywhere!

You know what to do?







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