The Wanderer returns? Again!

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The Wanderer returns? Again!

Hi Gang,

It’s been a while, and my plan was to write a blog while I was away, and as you can see… That didn’t happen! Stick the kettle on and make a brew, and I shall endeavour to fill you in, on all the goings on of the last 2 weeks.

Apart from the island of Antigua, no other island in the world, holds my heart like Tenerife.  And it’s never a chore to return, and it gives me a chance to spend some Husband time, with the wife, and of course catch up with our friends.  This trip was not much different, and although I had to take a look at some venues for January and FITS 2018, all of which was pretty much completed before I arrived, however it seems that what Boogie Bunker Radio, and Fun in the Sun, brings to Tenerife has been lacking! and although I am aware there are other Soul events which visit the island, some of which I have enjoyed myself, BBR have chosen to bring something to the island, for those who live and work on the island, as well as the large ex-pat community.

We will continue our relationship with the Hard Rock Cafe, and in 2018 look to expand this relationship!  We have also found a new home for our mid week events the Sky Bar, in Puerto Colon, and this stunning roof terrace bar will host our headline events.  We have also added a Beach/Pool Party to our list of events.  We will also bring ‘Sunday Roast’ back to Tenerife!

With help from our Partners at Pearly Grey, we have been able to offer Luxury Accommodation for an incredible £249.00 (excluding flights). These are 1 bedroom Self Catering Apartments, some 2 beds are available (terms & conditions apply) go to the Boogie Bunker Website for more information  Wristbands will go on sale Easter Sunday (Early Bird), With new Discounts, and Guaranteed entry to all events, and more!

We stayed in the Pearly Grey, and i am not going to lie, for 24 hours the internet sent us back to the dark ages, however it was soon remedied, and normal service was resumed, and I can give it my personal recommendation for those staying on the resort in January, the staff, and the locals, made us very welcome, and there is plenty going on locally.  We shall insure that 2018 will be a FITS to remember.  We will again be bringing you your Favourite Boogie Bunker Radio Presenters, as well, as in 2018 we bring you the Best DJ’s from Tenerife!  With our partnerships on the island, we have a footing on the island, and therefore FITS will now be available to those resident, or just visiting on holiday, while being able to attend all the FITS events, as wristbands will now be available on the island! So discounts are available for everyone!

Moving on…

It was a chance to catch up with friends, as well as look in on people who helped with Fun in the Sun! In January, We kicked off our events at ‘The Cube’. Unfortunately the Venue has changed owners, and Carol & J.P have moved on, Be assured they have not left Tenerife, and I caught John Paul’s act one evening, and the wife Sang along to the Jersey Boys, during his break, and Carol is comparing around the south of the island, as usual.. I went to the Theatre Bar to catch up with Janine, Host of our Sunday Roast at The Cube! After a big hug, she said you’ll be wanting Steak Pie, Chips, Peas and Gravy? I only went in to check in with her and have a shandy and a cuddle, but I was starving, so it seemed rude not too!  You will never starve in Tenerife, there are plenty of good places to eat, but it you want a good old fashioned, home cooked meal, fresh each day? Christy’s Kitchen, at the Theatre Bar! And if you’re a West Ham Fan!  Every game live, and you can have a moan with likeminded fans!

Some may have met our Friends John & Audrey? He’s the big Scot, who feels the need to wake me each day, with the worst jokes ever… As well constant weather updates, when I am back in the UK! It was my Birthday while in Tenerife, and I couldn’t of wished for two better B’stads to share my Birthday with… First they want me to go Para Gliding! Then Hang Gliding, then, wait for it! Something which included jumping off a cliff, strapped to a kite? I hear you! with friends like these, and all that? My thoughts exactly!  Please note, at all the above suggestions, the wife would shout ‘I’ll Pay?’ which made it even more worrying!

My plan from then onward, was to stay very much on the ground! So when Go Karting was mentioned, I was on it! (the wife wasn’t so quick to shout ‘I’ll Pay’?).  It was great fun, and a great day was had by all, there were some photo’s, but I guess there isn’t enough room to post them (oh, Yes there is? We will add them to the website gallery – Editor). Well,  thats me stitched up.  But thanks to John & Audrey, and the wife for making the day special, and a laugh, for you guys!

Finally, It only a few Weeks away from NLSF 2017, and I am looking forward to this year! The line-up is top draw, and BBR will be there! Matt Welton, Pete Meadows, Jenni T, Seaside Soul Club, as well as Guest’s: Jackie Allsorts, Andy Edit, and lots more..

We shall also be back at Soul by the Sea, in June! With our Muckkers! Tom Edgar, Tommy Boy, Pete Hayes!

Before we return to Tenerife at the end of June! So busy few weeks coming up, so keep up to date, either here, or via the Boogie Bunker Radio website.  Phew! I need another holiday after this lot! it’s a hard life…

You know what to do?



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