Who Said ‘Love don’t come easy?’ Not Me!

26/05/2017 - DJ's, JJ's Boogie Bunker 'The Blog', MUSIC
Who Said ‘Love don’t come easy?’ Not Me!

Hi Gang,

It’s been a busy last 7 day’s, so I have to give you the lowdown on what we have been up to, in the Williams household!

Well we drove up to Morecambe for the 11th North Lancs Soul Festival, the wife and I saddled up for weekend, in what became know as the ‘Boogie Machine’.. We hurtled down the M6 with the banners on the side of the SUV, and rode into town ready for a weekend of frolic’s with friends, both old, and new.

This was the first year that the station would be involved, and understandably there was going to be some trepidation not only for me, but for some festival goers.  For me, It was a chance to support the festival financially, on behalf of the station, and of course bring something different to the station.  9 times out of 10, the involvement of an outside party, will always have an affect on the running of a festival?  We were clear from the outset that radio was to be something to compliment the festival, and bring it to a wider audience, and to those unable to attend, although they would not get the whole festival, we managed to broadcast 40 hours LIVE, and in HQ around the world, over the coming weeks we shall air some of the recordings, and give an opportunity for some of the festival DJ’s who are not on radio to be heard worldwide!  As the official broadcast partner, we were able to update festival goers as to programme, and changes, which their were few, and from a Broadcasting point of view it was a major success, and we would like to thank all our listeners, around the world for supporting us, and this event.  I would Like to mention Mick Dennison in Spain, who posted a video, of him, and what seems, like a good old street party, playing the festival LIVE, on a bluetooth speaker! The whole video made me smile, and remind me why I am in this Business, so thank you Mick, meant a lot…


So as we look forward to 2018, and another festival! If you felt it was good this year? It will be better next year, if that’s possible!


A few weeks ago, a friend mine Eddie Saunders from the Band ‘The New Jersey Connection’ and he let me know he was coming to town.  Well, I knew that all the Radio stations out there would want the interview, and I knew he wasn’t coming alone, but bringing the band! I knew the list would be long, and although Boogie Bunker Radio, would be in the hat, for getting them into the studio? But oh no! Eddie insisted that we bring the show to them, and they gave me 3 hours for my Thursday Link-Up show, further the day before, we hung out, and did lunch! I laughed, they Sung! I ate, they Sung.. I watched Omar, and Eddie eat!, then they Sung! Jumped in a Taxi, and they Sung, But a more down to earth set of people, you could not meet, and I implore you to go and see them while they are in town!


I will get around to podcasting the interview, for those of you, who missed it, please bear with me, and I will put the whole show out on iTunes.

And there’s More!

I have a couple of gig’s in June before I fly out to Tenerife for Summer Opening, I will be back at Soul By the Sea on the 10th June.

And of course we shall be doing the Radio Show from Tenerife, So lot’s to look forward to in the coming weeks…


Finally!  I went to see the guys from the record label and was offer a good contract, and subject to some fine tuning, which I am sure will work out! Look out for an announcement soon! My wife has worked like a trooper over the last week, I have to say that the festival weekend would have been far tougher without her, and always has my back, (and yes! she very much alive). And I am Still very much in love with her.

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend, so have fun, and be safe!

You know what to do?



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